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Nr. 4 - November 2005

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2006 SPS meeting : online registration ready
In Profile and Awards : Prof. Albert Furrer
Einstein Geneva exhibition based on Swiss comic book
SNF Brochure on Swiss Cutting Edge Research
Day of Physcis at PSI

2006 : a busy year for MaNEP - by Prof. Oystein Fischer
MaNEP Highlights
2006 SPS meeting : online registration ready - Meeting in Fribourg : full programme available
Prof Albert Furrer :  'A dedicated scientist does not really retire...'
Physics news and readings
A selection of news and articles
A selection of publications by MaNEP members
A few highlights
Prof. Albert Furrer receives the 2005 Walter Hälg Prize - Prof. Oystein Fischer awarded a Honoris Causa Doctorate from UniNE
PSI's Day of Physics : 9000 visitors take a close look at labs and facilities - September's international "Perovskite" Conference at EMPA

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