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Nr. 3 - October 2005

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by Prof. Oystein Fischer

SWM Les Diablerets : well done 2005, hello 2007 !

The 2005 Workshop on Materials with novel electronic properties in Les Diablerets is behind us. This was the 6th meeting and the 3rd since MaNEP started. Looking back I find that both its size and quality have been growing steadily. With 211 participants - including 76 PhD students - this edition showed a record high participation and has thus been a true ALL-MaNEP meeting.


We had 11 invited speakers - 8 were from abroad - and 21 contributed talks. I was impressed by the invited talks which all were on a very high level, both scientifically and pedagogically. This was especially true for the two tutorials : High Tc Superconductivity: Recent Progress and Open Questions by Mohit Randeria and Fermionic Atoms in Optical Lattices by Tilmann Esslinger, which both gave brilliant accounts on the present situation in their respective fields. I was also pleased by the well prepared contributed talks which showed the richness MaNEP's fields.

poster sessionsThe poster sessions [picture right] are a very important part of the conference. This is often where the new results are found and they reflect the overall activity of MaNEP. We therefore decided to have all posters up during the whole workshop. For the same reason we increased the time for poster sessions. I felt that this gave a better visibility to the posters.

A new schedule for 2007
On Monday evening, the Steering Committee met to discuss the next edition, in 2007. We face a new problem: the Swiss universities and federal schools will, from 2007 on, start their semesters sooner, in the first half of September. This means that on the usual dates (end of September), the Workshop would take place during the semester... and we cannot decently empty all universities of all professors and assistants in our field for three days ! Still, the Committee judged that the last days of September are in principle the best period. It was thus decided to organize the 2007 edition on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from September 28 to September 30.

organization committeeLet me conclude by thanking those who contributed to the success of this meeting. A special thanks to the organizing committee and our technical and administrative staff. The Eurotel Victoria, with its director, Klaus Wartner, and his team, also deserve special thanks. We enjoyed again a warm, friendly and professional service which makes us feel welcome each time we come back...

[Picture left : the Organization Committee - Mrs Isabelle Bretton, Mrs Stéphanie Grandjean, Mrs Heidi Segura and Mr Renald Cartoni]

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