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Nr. 2 - September 2005

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2005 Swiss Workshop Meeting - les Diablerets
Superconductivity in everyday life : a travelling exhibition
Einstein Days at the PSI
Training in Higher Education and Research Policies
ESF THIOX Network : Topical Workshop in Spain

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Swiss Workshop Meeting - Les Diablerets
September 26th to 28th, 2005

The 2005 Swiss Workshop on Materials with Novel Electronic Properties is the sixth edition of a series of Swiss Workshops on Superconductivity and Novel Metals which were held since 1996. The meeting will bring together researchers working in Switzerland in the field of Materials with Novel Electronic Properties. The workshop is to act as a forum promoting research and applications in this area.

For the last updates : http://www.manep-nccr.ch/en/events/swm05/index.html]

Superconductivity in everyday life : a travelling exhibition
Superlife exhibition
In Caen (France) - October 11th to 15th
In Barcelona (Spain) - November 5th to 22nd
In Oxford (UK) - April 2006

This interactive exhibition presents the basics of operation and utilization of special superconductive instruments in a way that is easily understandable, and also, they can be tried out.

During the exhibition you can view and test the following superconductive applications : levitated chess, magnetically levitated train, contactless conveyor, levitator and a number of other applications, such as flywheel with magnetic bearing, fault current limiter, water purifier, etc.

The exhibition has already travelled in Hungary and Germany.

For all details, please refer to the website :

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tein Days at the PSI (Villigen) - Ingenious Theories Clearly Explained
Last days : October 4th and 30th

The event provides stands dedicated to the themes of Light, Atom, Space, time and also the famous equation E=mc2. Public may come in groups or as single visitor.

Tuesday, October 4th. Schedule : 9.30 AM - 12.30 or 2 - 5 PM
The stands will also be showed during
PSI's Open Days on October 30th.
Registration is obligatory at www.psiforum.ch or by phone :
+41 56 310 30 03.

All details : http://www.psi.ch/medien/medien_news.shtml#einstein]
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Training in Higher Education and Research Policies
cours unil et unibe
University of Lausanne and University of Berne
October 28th to June 2006

Subscription to specific units is still possible. Each unit (40 hours) can be followed separately.

Themes of the units are : Science policies - Higher Education policies - Research promotion - Evaluation - Innovation systems and Technological policies - Management of knowledge flows.

Contact : Olivier Glassey - tel. 021 / 692 37 04

[Further information : http://www.unil.ch/osps]
[Download the brochure in PDF]

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ESF THIOX Network : Topical Workshop in Spain
thiox logo
Sala de Grados, Faculty of Sciences, Zaragoza
November 17th and 18th

This topical workshop will be devoted to the analysis of the intriguing physical properties of oxide materials that occur when one or more physical lengths of the system are on the nanometre scale.

The ESF THIOX Network, launched by D. Blank (Twente), J. Mannhart (Augsburg) and J.-M. Triscone (Geneva) is interested in promoting epitaxial oxide thin film research and applications. The Network also finances student/postdoc exchanges and travel to conferences.

[Further information : http://www.thiox.nl]

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