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Nr. 2 - September 2005

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by Prof. Oystein Fischer

The first important event in the phase II of MaNEP is the 2005 Swiss workshop (SWM) on materials with novel electronic properties. It will start next Monday in Les Diablerets. With over 200 participants the workshop is practically overbooked, showing the interest for this topic in Switzerland. In addition to the contributions from numerous Swiss groups, the workshop also features talks by distinguished researchers from abroad. SWM 2005 will certainly be one of the highlights of MaNEP’s 5th year of existence.

This month we are also proud to announce that Prof. René Flükiger (UniGE) has just received an IEEE award on applied Superconductivity. Congratulations ! Prof. Flükiger formally retires at the end of this month. However, thanks to an agreement with the University of Geneva and MaNEP, he will continue several of his research activities, as he explains in an interview. This issue also contains a ‘flashback’ on the successful Open Days at Bruker Biospin, an important industrial partner with which Prof. Flükiger collaborates closely within the framework of MaNEP. And finally, I wish to congratulate to Dr. Sebastien Pilgram who has received the 2005 IBM award of the Swiss Physical Society.

As usual, you will also find a selection of MaNEP publications, physics news and adds.

t is my hope that this E-Newsletter, edited with enthusiasm and competence by Anne Rougemont, MaNEP’s communication officer, will become an efficient internal communication tool. I again encourage everybody to send relevant information about MaNEP activities to Anne, as well as any interesting event, article, nomination, thesis defence, etc., so that this can all be shared with the members of our network.

I wish you all an exciting and inspiring Workshop in Les Diablerets next week !

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