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Nr. 2 - September 2005

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Open Days at Bruker Biospin : a huge success
Bruker LogoOver 3000 people gathered at Bruker Biospin in Fällanden, during the firm's Open Days on June 24 and 25. They were families and friends of Bruker’s local workers, as well as collaborators from Bruker Germany in Karslruhe and Bruker France in Wissenbourg. Partners, contractors, ETHZ alumnis, schoolchildren and the general public were also invited. The event was beautifully organized and many praises came from the guests who enjoyed their visit through production lines, high-quality demos and posters.

‘Our Open Days take place every 5 years and imply a huge amount of work for each department involved. However, everyone enjoys the event as it also brings interesting new contacts as well as an opportunity to update our communication tools which can then be used when presenting the firm on other occasions’ as Dr Andrea Pollini from Bruker explains.

levitating train MaNEPMaNEP participated by providing 2 demos : the levitating train [
picture left] and the ‘superconducting bike’.Visitors from Geneva took the trip. Among them were Dr Olivier Kuffer and Geraldine Cravotto who give us their impressions.

Dr Olivier Kuffer : ' I could look inside a superconducting magnet... one of my dreams ! '
' This was my first visit to Bruker and I was not disappointed, quite the contrary ! The journey to Zurich was rewarded by a highly interesting and informative visit. From simple concepts to more detailed descriptions of measurement mechanisms inside an NMR probe, there was something of interest to everyone. The tour was made even more enjoyable by the involvement of Bruker’s collaborators at each level, who seemed very proud to present their activities. We followed each step of the production process, as well as parts of the R&D activities and quality testing departments. Last but not least, I was able to fulfil one of my dreams as an experimental physicist : to look inside a superconducting magnet and, better still, to see how they are built using kilometres of superconducting cables and something resembling a giant sewing machine ! I also realized the importance of technical knowledge and experience in such a company, especially since the built systems cannot be tested before they are completely assembled and undergo an initial cool-down. There is no doubt a huge step between my day-to-day life in a research laboratory and Bruker’s production lines…which is good to know ! '

Géraldine Cravotto : ' Everything was very professionally displayed '

Geraldine in action...' As a technical assistant, I often have to imagine experimental mechanisms. In this regard, looking close at things made by others was a golden opportunity. I was especially impressed by the coils that were integrated in Dewars and inside which you could see.

Demonstrations were all of high-quality and professionnally shown to the public, including the security aspects : the demonstrators wore gloves, etc. Each physical phenomenon was well displayed, for example you were able to physically feel the effects of a strong magnetic field, thank to a disk that you could bring close to the coil [
see picture left : Géraldine in action !]. I thank Bruker for its outstanding organization and all the precious information we could gather from the visit. '

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