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Issue Nr. 8 - April 2006
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PSI / EMPA : improved PLD set up

From Geneva to San Diego - a column by Dr Martin Kugler

FNS Media Training for scientists

Meeting on Strongly Correlated Systems in Lausanne

Editorial / 5th Progress Report : 300 pages reflecting our sustained effort
By Prof. Oystein Fischer

Just before Easter, MaNEP submitted to the SNF its 5th annual Progress Report, an impressive, nearly 300-pages document illustrating both the scientific depth and the topical width of our network.

This report is the first one that follows the new structure with six broad collaborative projects. While the reports on the two first projects - interacting systems and superconductivity - witness a remarkable activity, the two on crystal growth and new materials report on the

fabrication of a broad spectrum of materials and the first steps toward the search for new materials. The two last projects - on thin films, devices and applications - well reflect our enhanced efforts to develop activities towards applications. The Progress Report also shows an impressive effort in the other fields and I wish to thank all who contributed to the establishment of this report.

The increased collaborations with industry, reflected in the report, come as a result of the KTT efforts during the first four years of MaNEP. Dr Martin Kugler played a central role in this effort until he left MaNEP a year ago. In this issue he tells us about his new working experience in sunny California.

The second MaNEP Summer School will take place in Saas-Fee next September. The first one (in 2004) was a great success and for those who want to participate this time there is still a chance to register, but don’t wait : April 30 is the deadline for registration !

Our e-Newsletter continues to serve the MaNEP community once a month. While Anne Rougemont is the driving force behind it, its production is also largely possible thanks to the members who send in their contributions.

In this issue we have several examples and I encourage all of you to share your own significant news with us...

Summer School in Saas-Fee / Last call for registration !
If you want to take part in the the 2006 MaNEP Summer School in Saas-Fee, this is your last chance...

Registrations will close after April 30, 2006 !

All details : [ click here ]
Dates :
September 11-16, 2006

Theme :
Probing the physics of low dimensional Systems

Contact : Dr Michel Decroux