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Issue Nr. 6 - February 2006
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Two prizes for MaNEP at the 2006 SPS meeting

APS honours Prof. Jean-Marc Triscone

MaNEP goes back to college

20 years of High Tc superconductors : celebration in Zurich

Editorial / The many proofs of MaNEP's vitality
By Prof. Oystein Fischer

It was a great pleasure to see the large participation of MaNEP at the Swiss Physical Society Meeting in Lausanne last week.

The MaNEP sessions filled the auditorium, lots of discussions took place after the talks and a noticeable proportion of the posters were from MaNEP.

It was also great to see so many younger participants.

This shows the vitality of the MaNEP community, also brilliantly illustrated by the prizes awarded to two young MaNEP scientists, Dr Patrycja Paruch and Dr Christian Ruegg. My warmest congratulations to both.

Nearly at the same time we had a series of smaller meetings with the group leaders to discuss the 6 MaNEP projects. All showed great progress and reflected a very healthy commitment to our field of science.

To continue developing our science, it is important to have a broad public and political support.

For this to happen, it is in these days crucial to communicate our involvement and the importance of our work.

It is MaNEP’s role to do that as well. I recently had the opportunity to present MaNEP to a distinguished
panel of leaders at national levels, scientists and politicians. One further step in our duty to develop future opportunities for MaNEP.

However, in all this excitement it is important to remember that the real basis for our future success remains the quality of our scientific work to which you all contribute.

From the editor / New format for MaNEP's e-Newsletter
To a bright new year, a bright new look for MaNEP’s e-Newsletter !

I hope you will find it nicer to read in this new format, especially the PDF version.

After the 5 first issues published in 2005, we could see a gradual increase in the

number of sponteneous contributions by members.

The purpose of this tool is to keep the community up to date - on a nearly monthly basis (9 issues a year)- with the latest news and events about the community.

I still think we can do
better… but only with your help. So, please do not hesitate and feed me with all relevant contributions, suggestions and feedbacks to make this e-Newsletter an even more useful mean of communication between you all. Until then… enjoy your reading ! / AR