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Issue Nr. 10 - June - July - August 2006
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MaNEP welcomes two new members

Feedback on the Science Cafés for teenagers

Calendar : 2nd Martin Peter Colloquium in Geneva

Editorial / Happy (busy) summer !
By Prof. Oystein Fischer
It's summer time ! For many this means a well deserved vacation. For MaNEP members it also means intensified research, writing papers and going to conferences.
In three days opens the main conference on superconductivity, M2S, in Dresden, where MaNEP is present with numerous contributions and 12 invited talks. As many will remember, the first conference - after the discovery of high tc superconductivity by Muller and Bednorz - took place in Interlaken in 1988 and most of its organizers are now members of MaNEP.
As our field evolves so does

MaNEP. Two new members were just elected to join us : Prof. Christian Bernhard, University of Fribourg and Dr. Elvezio Morenzoni, PSI. A hearty welcome to both...

One of the pillars of our management, Dr. Olivier Kuffer, left MaNEP on June 30. In addition to his remarkable research using STM on ferroelectrics, Olivier was central to the establishment of many other activities at MaNEP. I thank him warmly for alll his invaluable contributions and wish him all the best for his future career.

This month again a MaNEP scientist was awarded : Dr. Celine Lichtensteiger received the Vacheron Constantin Prize for her excellent thesis. My congratulations !
Communication remains

on the main agenda of MaNEP. In this issue you can read about Prof. Thierry Giamarchi's experience of meeting schoolchildren in Geneva.

A key event of the coming autumn will be the Martin Peter Colloquium, which will be given by Prof. P. W Anderson (Princeton University), on Wednesday 27 September in Geneva. In conjunction with it, MaNEP sets up a topical meeting on “Novel superconductors”. This will be a great opportunity to confront results and ideas in this fascinating field. I hope many of you will attend!

Until then, I wish you all a good and stimulating summer !
Bye bye Doc ! Olivier Kuffer takes up a new challenge at Rolex
A former PhD student of Prof. Oystein Fischer (he did his thesis on STM in July 2001), Olivier Kuffer has taken up a new challenge in the industry - namely the famous clock manufacturer Rolex, in Geneva - where he will work a for the R&D department.
A very polyvalent person, Olivier successively achieved several missions at MaNEP, not only as a researcher, but also a KTT and Communication
manager (along with Martin Kugler) and within MaNEP's start-up PHASIS.

Olivier says these various roles were what made the difference for him to get the job at Rolex. Always good to know...
Good luck and thank you, Oli !