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Issue Nr. 7 - March 2006
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MaNEP on new TSR science programme

Special Technology Transfer tips, by Matthias Kuhn

Registrations launched for Advancement of women summer internships

Editorial / Women forward
By Prof. Oystein Fischer

This month, MaNEP launches for the third time the summer internship for female students. In our field, female researchers constitute a small minority compared to masculine researchers and MaNEP is actively contributing to encourage female students to enter the field of physics and chemistry of novel materials. The internship is one of our actions towards this goal.

The two first ones were a success in terms of the encouragement it gave to the participants. However, it was only a moderate success

regarding the number of female students who participated.

The latter may be a question of information and we shall do our best to bring the message out. On the other hand I encourage all of you to inform female students about this opportunity. By the way, I do appreciate that among the younger generation the number of female researchers in MaNEP is steadily increasing.

Céline Lichstensteiger - who will pass her final thesis exam on April 5 - is an excellent representative of these upcoming female researchers.On the day she passes her thesis defence she will also appear in a nanoscience TV program.

I plan to be proudly watching, waiting for the day when the female researchers will match their masculine colleagues in number.

Knowledge and technology transfer is also well present in MaNEP. However, much more could be done. In this issue our KTT officer, Mathias Kuhn, challenges MaNEP members to become even more active in this field. I encourage you to take up this challenge.

Next week a workshop shall take place in Zurich, celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the discovery of High Tc Cuprates. My greetings, congratulations and thanks go to K. Alex Muller and J. Georg Bednorz for their great contributions to our field.

Advancement of women / Registrate for the 2006 internship !
For the 3rd consecutive year, MaNEP offers female physics students (3rd and 4th year) the opportunity to join one of MaNEP's research group during one month.

These internships will take place between June and September 2006.
Financial support is allocated to the participants.

For details on registration :
[ click here ]

Submissions until May 31st.

Contact : Dr Michel Decroux.