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Issue Nr. 9 - May 2006
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Prof. Christoph Renner appointed at UniGE

2 Mobile post doc positions available within MaNEP

Vote for a MaNEP web discussion list !

New success for MaNEP industrial partner Bruker Biospin

By Prof. Oystein Fischer

Science in MaNEP is evolving and developing fast.
As a consequence we have added many new members since the start of our centre.

This month I have the pleasure to announce the appointment of Christoph Renner as a new professor in Geneva. He will join the University of Geneva and MaNEP from October 1, 2006. A warm welcome to Christoph !

The promotion of women continues to be an important

issue for MaNEP.

This month the University journal “Campus” writes about the efforts deployed in the three Geneva-based NCCR.

We also wish to point out a SNF mentoring program for women as well as the last call for our 2006 Internship Programme for female students.

Please also pay attention to the call for applications for 2 mobile post-doc positions within MaNEP. This programme is naturally open to both men and women, and we do hope to get applications from both genders… Don’t miss the (extended) deadline !

The Free column section is gaining weight. This time it is a PhD student from UniNE, Corsin Battaglia, who expresses his strong interest in a MaNEP web-based discussion list. Such a tool would certainly add a new dimension to MaNEP. So, we wait for each of you to give us your opinion on the idea.

And finally, I would like to acknowledge the contribution of Prof. René Flukiger who shares with us his view on our collaboration with Bruker Biospin, as the firm recently produced a new record-breaking NMR magnet (22,3 T).

Enjoy your reading !

Summer Internships for women / Extended deadline to subscribe
If you are a student in 3rd or 4th year in physics ? This is your very last chance to take part in MaNEP's Summer Internships for women !

Extended deadline for subscription : June 30 !
For details [ click here ]

For any complemetary information, please contact Dr Michel Decroux, MaNEP's education manager.