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Issue Nr. 11 - September 2006
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Martin Peter Colloquium welcomes Phil W. Anderson

Scientific highlight : how to find a pin in a haystack, by Prof. Juerg Huelliger

Record-breaking : over 20 publications announced this month !

Editorial / A full-speed start
By Prof. Oystein Fischer
MaNEP's autumn has started full speed. 70 students attended the MaNEP Summer School in Saas-Fee last week. A series of high- level lectures covering the physics of low dimensional systems were presented. I extend my warmest thanks to the lecturers for their efforts.

Already coming next week we have the MaNEP Topical Meeting where Professor Philip W. Anderson from Princeton shall give the Martin Peter colloquium on the theory of high temperature superconductors. Phil is extremely well-known by most MaNEP members for his

numerous striking contributions to solid state physics.

He was designated by a recent academical research as the most creative physicist before many other top people ; not really a surprise for those who know his broad and rich input to our and other fields.

See also the comments by Dirk van der Marel to Phil’s most recent work (below).

In this issue you can also find a very interesting contribution by Jurg Hulliger on recent developments in his search for new materials. This is also a brilliant example of MaNEP members contributing to our e-Newsletter.
A smashing result in this sense is also the large number of new publications being announced

and several contributions to the reading tips' section.

The summer was obviously productive in MaNEP! Many thanks goes to all those who contributed to this issue.

You will also find a new announcement for the mobile post-doc programme in this issue. I hope many of you take the opportunity to apply.

I also draw your attention to the new book on Superconductivity by Guy Deutscher.

Finally, it is a pleasure this month to congratulate Prof. Davor Pavuna (EPFL) who has received the Nikola Tesla medal from the hands of the Croatian President.
A comment on PW Anderson's work / Electrons living apart together
A few days away from welcoming Philip W. Anderson, it is the perfect time to read the comment on our prestigious's guest's work written by Dirk van der Marel (head of Project 2 / picture right). This comment entitled "Superconduc-
tors : Electrons living apart together
" has just been published in Nature Physics.
References :
Nature Physics
September 2006, Volume 2, issue 9, pp 585-586.

From Sept. 22nd until end of October, the paper will be online for free.