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Nr. 15 / December 2007
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PSI's Day of the Neutrons : another big public success

MaNEP movie on superconductivity soon available in 3 languages

Nobel Prize winner visits MaNEP

US Government focuses on physical sciences and engineering

Editorial / From 2007 to 2008 : feedbacks and new challenges
Prof. Oystein FischerBy Prof. Oystein Fischer

With the year 2007 coming to an end, MaNEP is facing important and exciting new challenges to ensure its future.

Electronic materials are at the very core of future advanced technologies and MaNEP has thus an exciting mission to study such materials, to find new ways for their fabrication and to prepare for their applications.

This will be the spirit in which we shall elaborate the
pre-proposal for the third phase, due on March 31, 2008.

And as Matthias Kuhn points out in this edition's Special Highlight, it seems the US
government shares the same view and thus is now focusing strongly on physical sciences through the ACI.

Looking back at the year 2007 we had a number of memorable events. Let me underline that I feel that the public is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of science.

It is thus more then ever important to organise events in which science is presented in a way accessible to everybody.

This was illustrated by
the remarkable success of public events like the MaNEP “SupraFête” in Geneva and the “PSI Day of the neutrons” (with MaNEP's contribution) on which Joël Mésot and Stefan Janssen give us some feedback in the Free Column.

On the other hand, MaNEP is well prepared to take up the challenge of the third phase, from what I can judge based on the enthusiasm and the quality of the presentations we had from the 200 participants at our biannual meeting at Les Diablerets this autumn.

This gives me a good feeling that we are on the right track.

January will start full speed with
our internal workshops - so I thank all participants for sending the required infos to our administrator (also read below) asap.

So to get ready for a crucial year 2008, I wish you all a most deserved break for Christmas... and a

2008 Internal Workshops / Last reminder
MaNEP's internal workshops will take place from January 14 to 18 to discuss the progress on the 6 projects and produce the basis for the 7th MaNEP Progress Report.
A Forum meeting is planned on Wednesday, January 16.

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Hôtel Beaulac, NeuchâtelAll meetings will take place at the Hôtel Beaulac in Neuchâtel.
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