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Nr. 13 / January - February - March 2007
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SAXES : shining new light on complex materials

Successful collaboration with ABB continues

Editorial / New expertise for MaNEP
By Prof. Oystein Fischer
Ensuring MaNEP's survival in the coming years requires all the expertise we can find.
In this perspective, the SNF recommended at the last site review that we call in a panel of international experts.

Reporting directly to the NCCR director, they would provide advice for future actions and support regarding MaNEP's external stakeholders, including the SNF.
It is my great honour to introduce the six external members of this new Advisory Board (please read below) .
As seventh member and chairman, we will have Prof. Piero Martinoli.

All of them have a great reputation and I thank them for accepting the task.

The previous advisory board has been replaced by an internal
Evaluation Board.

Its members are the six programme leaders (scientific committee) and three senior members : René Flukiger, Maurice Rice and Hans Rudolf Ott.
I also inform you that the e-Newsletter will take it a little easier this year, due to the preparation of a big MaNEP event that requires all the time and energy of our PR officer (and editor).

SupraFête will take place in Geneva on June 8 to 10. It is aimed at the general public and will focus on superconductivity, 20 years after the so-called Woodstock of Physics and the 87 Nobel Prize of Bednorz and Muller.

All details are coming soon, of course.

Until then, enjoy the spring !
The 6 external members of the new Advisory Board
Dave Blank

University of Twente, Netherlands
[ more info ]
Antoine Georges
[ more info ]
Prof. Andrew Millis
Columbia Univ., USA
[ more info ]
Robert Cava
University of Princeton,
[ more info ]
[ more info ]
Prof. George Sawatzky
Univ. of Brit. Columbia, USA
[ more info ]