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Nr. 14 / September-October 2007
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New deputy directors for MaNEP

Superconductivity at the interface between insulating oxides

Nexans seeks expertise at MaNEP

Editorial / Feedbacks and perspectives
By Prof. Oystein Fischer
The semester has started and I guess you are all back in your laboratories for a new exciting scientific year.

For MaNEP this will be a crucial one since
we shall submit the proposal for the 3rd Phase on March 31, 2008. This will determine MaNEP's future until 2013 !

Of course the outcome will depend on the excellence of our research, in particular on the work we are going to carry out in the coming months.

next meeting with the Review Panel shall take place on May 20-21, 2008 and I count on you all that we have
exciting and striking results to report by then.

The last Review Panel meeting took place last June ; it had a very positive outcome, but there are still points to improve so there is no guarantee as for the outcome of the next one.

Last June, we also organised a successful superconductivity public event in Geneva, the
Suprafête. Nearly 300 people gathered at the launch conference to listen to Georg Bednorz and Jochen Mannhart and during the weekend around 1500 people enjoyed the numerous activities.

Many thanks to Anne Rougemont and the Geneva Physics Section personnel for their heroic effort...

An important change took place recently in the MaNEP management. Jean-Marc Triscone was elected Dean of the Geneva Faculty of Sciences. As a consequence he stepped down from his position as deputy director of MaNEP. Jean-Marc was a key person in establishing and running MaNEP in the first six years. He deserves our warmest thanks. Luckily he plans to continue his research full speed !

This week-end we shall all gather in Les Diablerets. Take with you lots of good ideas and some warm clothing !

Management / Meet MaNEP's new deputy directors
To replace Jean-Marc Triscone, two new deputy directors have been apointed : Dirk van der Marel and Christoph Renner. We are glad to be able to count on these excellent colleagues in this crucial year. Great thanks to them for accepting the task.
Dirk van der MarelProf. Dirk van der Marel

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Christoph RennerProf. Christoph Renner

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