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The PhysiScope will be officially born next autumn

MaNEP Doctoral Programme launched

Super media coverage for discovery on improper ferroelectricity

Editorial / High hopes for the third phase and the PhysiScope
Prof. Oystein FischerBy Prof. Oystein Fischer

This academic year ends on a very positive note.

The meeting with the review panel on May 20 and 21 went very well, thanks to all your efforts. Although we shall only receive the written report in a month or two, oral statements by the panel after the meeting made it clear that they strongly support out request for a third phase from July 1st, 2009.

This is of course an excellent basis for the elaboration of the final proposal.

This issue also sets a focus on

the PhysiScope (former working title: Physics Park) an original joint outreach effort towards junior high school and high school students by MaNEP and the Physics Dpt at UniGE.

Even before its official inauguration that will take place during the autumn (September or October), the PhysiScope encounters a huge success. Some 280 students have already enjoyed one show in the testing phase that will end this month. Requests for visits are even coming from abroad. The project is receiving funds from private foundations and I would especially like to thank the Wright Foundation and the Boninchi Foundation for their generous support from the start.

We shall of course keep you all posted as soon as a date for the official ceremony is settled.

The Physiscope is presently operating in Geneva, but if other member institutions are interested in setting up a similar project, the MaNEP team will be glad to help (contact Mrs Anne Rougemont, our Communication Officer : anne.rougemont@manep.ch).

Until then, I wish you all a great summer, both for science and holiday !

Reminder / MaNEP Summerschool... in winter !
The new early start of the academic year at UniGE, since 2007, has forced MaNEP to switch from a Summer - to a Winterschool. Thus, instead of the expected 2008 Summer School, we shall have a 2009 Winterschool , from January 11 to 16, still in Saas Fee. Ski lovers will enjoy the news… More info coming soon via mail and the next issue of the e-News.