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Nr. 16 / March 2008
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MaNEP at CERN, for LHC celebrations

Women internships : what for ? What results ?

Recent highlights on high tc superconductivity

Editorial / Starting the year on a fast track
Prof. Oystein FischerBy Prof. Oystein Fischer

2008 started on a fast track with the great news that our eminent MaNEP member, Prof. Joel Mesot, was appointed new director of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI). My warmest congratulations !

Next week, the annual meeting of the Swiss Physical Society will take place with a strong MaNEP participation and the plenary talk on Thursday, March 27 by 2007 Nobel Prize winner Albert Fert - who already visited us last November - as a highlight.
Just after this, MaNEP will be present as a key partner of the

LHC celebrations at CERN, early April.

Subscriptions for the 2008 Summer Internship for female students have recently opened (see below) : these internships are our important effort to stimulate the advancement of women in science.

Their initiator and organiser, Dr. Michel Decroux, describes the program in this issue. I strongly encourage female students to take this unique opportunity.

Among the recent scientific highlights, let me mention that the Science paper by Nicolas Reyren et al. - from the group of Jean-Marc Triscone - published last summer was noted as one of the 2007 Top

10 breakthroughs in the Science magazine. Thumbs up to this young researcher !

Prof. Hugo Keller also comments on recent important highlights on high tc superconductivity in our scientific highlight section.

So well, with the upcoming decision on the 3rd phase, no doubt this year will represent a turning point for MaNEP.

And with your strong efforts to bring science on novel electronic materials in Switzerland to the highest level, I am confident that it will also be a turning point towards a great scientific future...

Summer Internships for women / Subscriptions launched
Each year since 2004 MaNEP gives a unique opportunity to female students in physics in their 3rd or 4th year to spend one month with a financial support in one of MaNEP's research groups. Take the chance and subscribe until June 30, 2008 !

All details [ here ]
In this issue, Michel Decroux (Advancement of Women Programme manager) explains why we need these internships and what are the outcomes
[ to the ITV ].