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Optics Clues to Pairing Glues

Memristance: influence of dislocations and local heating during operation

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Editorial / Phase III and changes in personnel
Prof. Oystein FischerBy Prof. Oystein Fischer

Phase III of MaNEP is just around the corner. The full proposal for 2009-2013 was sent in on March 31st. Providing the final approval is granted, we are set for 4 more years of exciting physics. While the long term plans for MaNEP-Geneva are already starting to be implemented it is now time to start acting to prepare the long term planning of the network. The activities in phase III will in fact be centred on the very large MaNEP network and the challenge will be to establish a solid base for the network activities beyond 2013. I appeal in particular to the younger

members to become active towards this goal.

Running MaNEP is a pleasure, especially with an active and competent management team. Unfortunately for me two of its key persons are leaving this spring. Renald Cartoni has retired at the end of March. He has been a very efficient and skilful colleague, who took care of all the technical aspects of the various MaNEP activities. I never had to worry about the practical solutions, which were usually found before I even knew there was a problem… My warmest thanks to Renald!

Anne Rougemont, our dynamic and competent communication

officer - also the editor of this e-newsletter - has decided to move on in her career and will leave at the end of this month. Anne has been a central person in making MaNEP and its activity known in the last four years. Numerous events and actions were created by her and many of you have experienced her enthusiasm for MaNEP. I am sure that I have all of you with me when I say that her contributions to forward our field of science are greatly appreciated. Luckily Anne shall continue to work with us on several projects. My profound thanks go to her for a great collaboration, and I wish her a rich future career.

MaNEP website / Now available in French !

The project had to be postponed a few times, but there it is : MaNEP’s website now exists in French ! The translation will be especially useful in our future relationships with Geneva officials,

teachers, media and the general public. The English version will be accessible through the icon on the upper right-hand side of the home page. If you see some remaining « bugs »

in the translation, PLEASE DO HELP US improving things by contacting Dr Lidia Favre-Quattropani.