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Editorial / Fast forward to the third phase !
Prof. Oystein FischerBy Prof. Oystein Fischer

MaNEP is on its way to the third phase 2009 – 2013. We have received green light from the SNSF, under the condition that the full proposal is as good as the pre-proposal we submitted last spring. Two months remain until the deadline, and I am pleased to see that all groups are actively participating in shaping MaNEP’s future. As many of you know, the network will be reinforced and synergies between the Swiss groups will be stimulated. I really look forward to collaborating with all of you in this context.

In January we had two important events : the internal workshops, which mainly involved the group leaders, and the winter school in Saas Fee with over 70 students participating. Both gave a broad view on MaNEP’s activities and went very well. The organisers deserve many thanks for their excellent work.

 Over the last months, MaNEP has renewed its managerial staff. After being our administrative manager from the start, Isabelle Bretton decided to enter a new stage in her career. I would like to express my warmest thanks for her excellent work over those years.

To replace her, we have hired Mrs Marie Bagnoud. The team has also been completed with Mrs Sophie Griessen, who will work as an assistant to the director. I extend a warm welcome to both of them…

I look forward to an exciting phase III. And please note that I shall not disappear following my appointment as guest professor in Sweden ! On the contrary, I plan to continue my activities for MaNEP just as before, and hope to create stimulating new contacts between the Chalmers Institute and our network.

Creation of a MaNEP Alumni Group

With the aim to connect all the scientists who have contributed to MaNEP over the last eight years (Professors, PhDs and Post-docs), we are launching an Alumni Group using Linkedin (www.linkedin.com).
The launching takes place with an e-mail where alumnis are invited to (create a profile on Linkedin and ) apply to the "MaNEP Alumni" group.

When the community is in place, each member will have the opportunity to get to know the other members, exchange e-mails, share informations, etc.
This initiative will hopefully strenghten the ties between all of us in the long term (MK/KTT).