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A Major Event for the Photoemission on Correlated systems

World Record High Field Magnet for Neutron Scattering

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Editorial / Excellent new results
Prof. Oystein FischerBy Prof. Øystein Fischer

This edition of the newsletter comes out right in the middle of the MaNEP internal workshops where the group leaders meet to discuss progress of the 8 scientific projects. I have thus witnessed a number of exciting and excellent new results. Thus there is no doubt MaNEP has started the third phase in an excellent spirit and that we are set for 4 stimulating and scientifically riche years.

The beginning of the New Year also brought another excellent new result. The prototype split coil 16 Tesla magnet built by Bruker Biospin AG for a consortium led by PSI, SNS and Bruker Biospin has now successfully been tested at PSI and will be shipped to Oak Ridge where it will be installed (see one of the highlights in this issue). My congratulations to the team who planned and built this magnet with a completely new concept. MaNEP is proud to be part of this adventure.

This year MaNEP shall again organise the summer internships for female students. I ask everybody to encourage the female students in their institutions to use this unique opportunity to get acquainted with the research environment in the domain of MaNEP.

As we are going towards the end of the internal workshops I would like to take this opportunity to thank our scientific manager Dr. Lidia Favre Quattropani for the excellent work she is doing in organising these meetings.

Best wishes for 2010 !

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