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2010 IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Computational Physics

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Editorial / Key questions for the future

Prof. Oystein FischerBy Prof. Øystein Fischer

MaNEP is now well into its third phase and the key question for the future is how the efforts established in MaNEP can continue after the end of MaNEP’s third phase on July 1, 2013. We are here actually dealing with two questions: 1. How shall MaNEP continue in the leading house in Geneva?  2. How can we continue the strong MaNEP network?

For the first challenge, the University of Geneva has established physical sciences as a strong priority and within this priority we are now preparing the continuation of MaNEP Geneva.

Several measures have been taken to achieve this goal.
The Laboratory of Crystallography, a unit until now attached directly to the Faculty of sciences, has joined MaNEP in an effort to strengthen both. Other measures have also been taken and we now work actively to establish a new unit as a result of the activities of MaNEP in Geneva.

The second question is not presently in a good shape since Switzerland does not at present have a scheme, other than the NCCR scheme, supporting directly a network of excellence. We are therefore here facing a real challenge. It would be a real loss to Swiss science if the MaNEP network could not continue. The MaNEP Scientific

committee is actively elaborating a solution and knowing the dedication of the MaNEP members I am optimist that we can find a solution together.

In the mean time MaNEP continues its scientific progress with sometimes stunning results. In this issue of MaNEP News you can read about a remarkable example and it is my pleasure to congratulate Prof. Philipp Werner as a recipient of the 2010 IUPAP “Young Scientists Prize in Computational Physics”.

Finally I am glad to announce that the MaNEP administration has two new members. I welcome Elizabeth Guéniat as a new MaNEP executive assistant and Marie Obataya as new MaNEP secretary.

Media / MaNEP in “European Union Review”

An article has been published about MaNEP in the “Public Service: European Union Review”.
It was a great opportunity to be visible by EU decision-makers within central and regional Governments as well as within EU institutions. The review is also broadly distributed to CEOs and project Managers of the Industry.

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