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Faraday effect in graphene: a few-degrees optical rotation by one atomic layer

Searching for orbital currents in cuprate high-temperature superconductors

Quantum simulators pass a key milestone

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Prof. Oystein FischerBy Prof. Øystein Fischer

The good news are numerous this spring. First, with the Superconductivity 100 years anniversary numerous manifestations are going to take place, some right now and others in coming September/October. This is an excellent occasion to illustrate the importance of the work being carried out in MaNEP both in superconductivity and more globally in electronic materials.

A large team of MaNEP collaborators have already been involved and even more

will be involved during the rest of 2011, to carry through all these events. A great thank you to all of them for the enthusiastic collaboration.

The 10th MaNEP annual Progress Report has now been sent in to the SNSF. You have all in one way or other contributed to this impressive document. Thanks to all those who have spent a lot of time on this, in particular the MaNEP management team with a special mention to Lidia Favre Quattropani for carefully putting together all the texts.

This issue reports also on several important scientific results and activities.

The Geneva optics group with Dirk van der Marel and Alexey Kuzmenko report on a striking Faraday effect in Graphene, Hugo Keller from the University of Zurich, reports on the absence of measurable orbital currents in a cuprate superconductor and Matthias Troyer from ETHZ report on advances quantum simulators.

So, while we are approaching the completion of MaNEP’s tenths year of existence, MaNEP and it’s nationwide network continues as a successful NCCR. My best wishes to everybody for a great continuation of his or her research activities.

Media / MaNEP in Iso Focus+

MaNEP and superconductivity were in the spotlight of the magazine ISO+ in November, as MaNEP director, Øystein Fischer, was invited to give an interview. The magazine generally interviews personalities from around the world such as the Director General of ILO, of the WTO or the CEO of Royce Rolls and is aimed at decision makers in governments and international organizations. A great way to raise MaNEP’s and superconductivity’s visibility with this important audience!
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