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MaNEP honours the 100th anniversary of the discovery of Superconductivity

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the discovery of superconductivity, MaNEP organised a wide range of events in Geneva so that the public could discover this surprising physics phenomenon.  Arrangements were successfully made for a rich and varied programme.

This spring the PhysiScope, an interactive physics laboratory, organised with the physics section of the University of Geneva and in collaboration with CERN two weeks of open days offering interactive and fun workshops based on superconductivity. The result was that almost 500 people from all age groups were able to enjoy this wonderful opportunity. The popularity of the event meant that several extra sessions had to be set up to satisfy everyone (

The festivities resumed in September 2011 after a short break during the summer. Firstly, with the inauguration of the exhibition « Supra100 » that took place in the building of Uni Mail in Geneva.  This exhibition, which is a mixture of art & science, is the result of a collaboration that began in 2007 between MaNEP researchers and technicians and the Swiss artist Etienne Krähenbühl. More than 6000 visitors, about 40 school classes were able to discover the many aspects of superconductivity during the « Supra100 », including levitation, created by the artist and enhanced by his unique work of art. This free exhibition is still open to visitors in Geneva until 12 November 2011. Afterwards MaNEP will decide on the journey it may take. All institutions that are interested in exposing this exhibition should request the presentation brochure at:

As part of the Bâtie Festival of Geneva, a second partnership was arranged to set up a show with the theatrical company - EXOS. This company combines the arts with the circus to portray superconductivity. The performances played to a full house and to critical acclaim.

Another of the day’s successes was « Fascinating Super» organised for families in collaboration with PhysiScope and EurophysicsFun. More than 1200 people turned up to join in with the many workshops, demonstrations and conferences organised by the University of Geneva and by more than 100 MaNEP collaborators and students who worked together to ensure the success of this great event.

At the beginning of the academic semester of the University of Geneva, MaNEP invited the President of the Japanese Agency for Science and Technology, Professor Koichi Kitazawa, to make a presentation on the role of superconductivity in tomorrow’s energies. During this conference, this optimistic researcher gave his point of view regarding the future of superconductivity.  A most rewarding conference that raised many questions to solve the problems of energy. [See this conference]

The outcome of the events has been very positive. A broad audience, as well as major media coverage, has illustrated the value of work carried out, as much regarding superconductivity as well as more globally regarding electronic materials. Important events that have been able to bring together the world of research and the public.
MaNEP would like to thank very warmly its many partners and collaborators who have helped to make these events a success.

The PSI also celebrated superconductivity centennial some days ago. Information will follow in the next newsletter.

[Exhibition Supra100, for further information]
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