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Science meetings

3e cycle seminar: "Synthesis and function of thermoelectric materials"

From 14th  to 18th of August the 3rd cycle seminar with the topic “Synthesis and function of thermoelectric materials” took place in the beautiful mountain resort of Villars-sur-Ollon VD. The seminar was organized by the group of Prof. Anke Weidenkaff from EMPA together with Prof. Jürg Hulliger of the University of Bern. Additionally many national and international students, PhD students, professors and representatives of the industry participated.
High level educational lectures were held by internationally recognized top scientists like M. Rowe, A. Maignan, R. Funahashi and C. Felser. On top of basic knowledge topics about thermoelectrics the talks covered many detailed aspects of recent research. Especially due to its interdisciplinary character, chemists, physicists, engineers and people from industry were given the opportunity to share theoretical and experimental knowledge. Furthermore, students and PhD students presented their current research in oral and poster presentations, giving the seminar a conference character. Thanks to the presentations and many discussions in a relaxed atmosphere a sensitization of problems connected to thermoelectric research and applications was achieved which gave a boost for current and future research.
The seminar was rounded off by an interesting excursion to the crystal growth factory “Djeva” in Monthey VS, which complemented the conference topics perfectly.

This enjoyable educational seminar was possible thanks to the support of “CUSO, the Conférence universitaire de suisse occidentale”, “Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE”, the “Swiss Thermoelectric Society” and the companies “vonRoll” and “VZUG”.

Gesine Saucke, Empa


Science days in Zürich
26-28 August, 2011

After three days of exciting and educational discussions the Scientifica, which took place in ETH and the University of Zürich, closed its doors. Starting with robots over geothermal energy and metabolites nearly all topics of current research were covered. The laboratory of solid-state chemistry and catalysis led by Prof. Anke Weidenkaff (Empa) and the working groups of Prof. Bertram Batlogg (ETHZ) und Prof. Manfred Sigrist (ETHZ) organized an information booth on thermoelectrics. On the stand with the motto "how does heat convert into electricity?" general information about the theory of thermoelectrics as well as insights into current research projects were given. With the aid of small, vivid experiments and demonstrations, a bridge from theory to practice was built. This was fascinating to both young and old. While the children were captivated by the hands-on experiments, the older audience's thirst for knowledge concerning this relatively unknown field of research was also satisfied. The Scientifica was a great success as ongoing research was presented not only to specialists but was made available to the public as well. [more info]

O. Brunko and G. Saucke, Empa

Daniel Dautreppe Workshop
"Current challenges of superconductivity"

The French Society of Physics (Section of the Alps) will be organising a workshop on superconductivity from Monday 21 to Friday 25 November 2011, in Grenoble.  This workshop will compile a vast panorama of the advances in basic and applied research in this area based on a series of courses as well as presentations at the forefront of current research by recognised experts, including members of MaNEP. [more info]

Second workshop on hard X-Ray Instrumentation with the SwissFEL

This workshop will be held on November 21, 2011, at the University of Bern, and will focus on scattering and diffraction experiments. This workshop is important for the planning of the experimental stations at the hard X-ray SwissFEL beamline "ARAMIS". [more info]



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