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Thermoelectric symposium at E-MRS - spring 2012

The international E-MRS conference will take place from 14-18 May 2012 in Strasbourg. As part of the conference Prof. Anke Weidenkaff (EMPA), Prof. Antoine Maignan (CNRS), Prof. Heiner Linke (Lund University) and Prof. Ichiro Terasaki (Nagoya University) will organize a thermoelectric symposium. [more info Empa and Emrs]

SPS annual meeting 2012

MaNEP will actively participate in the next Swiss Physical Society annual meeting which will be held on 21 and 22 June, 2012 at the ETH Zürich. Save the date !


Congratulations to Prof. René Flükiger(picture/UNIGE) who has been awarded the 2011 ICMC Lifetime Achievement Award, in Spokane, Washington. The International Cryogenics Materials Conference presented the cryogenic materials with a lifetime achievement award to recognize the quality and innovation of his scientific research and as acknowledgement of his reputation worldwide in this field.

Congratulations also to Prof. Philipp Werner (picture/ETHZ) who received an ERC Starting Grant. These highly competitive grants are attributed from the European Research Council to young scientists. It represents 1.5 million Euro over a 5-year period.


A warm welcome to Dr. Lei Wang (picture/ETHZ) who arrived from the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as a Postdoc in the group of Prof. Matthias Troyer at the ETHZürich. He will be working on density functional theory simulations of ultracold atomic gases.


Lode Pollet moved to LMU Munich as a W2 professor starting October 1st. He will build up a group continuing to pioneer work on ab-initio simulations of ultracold atomic gases.

Sebastiano Pilati moved to ICTP Triests as a senior Postdoc starting September 1st and will work there on the interface between simulations of ultracold atomic gases and materials.

Bela Bauer moved to Microsoft Station Q as a Postdoc starting September 1st where he will simulate topological phases of matter and explore their potential for quantum computation.

Alejandro Lobos moved to the University of Maryland (USA) for a new Postdoc. He will work in the group of Shankar Das Sarma, on low dimensional electronic quantum systems.

Alessia Sambri moved to the University of Naples Federico II. Her new position is a two years Postdoc on PLD-pulsed laser deposition: investigation of the correlations between growth parameters and thin film properties through optical diagnosis of the plasma.

We wish them success in their future careers!

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