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L'Oreille Des Kids

Find PhysiScope's young scientists every Wednesday at 10:40 AM on RTSdeux for an educational TV show - repeats are on Saturdays around 10:30 AM on RTSdeux

How do planes fly? What is static electricity? What is a rainbow? Focus on physics phenomena with and for kids. By using experiments and explanations of PhysiScope’s experts help kids to discover science in a fun and interactive way.

Since February, the PhysiScope has been collaborating with the RTS on “L’Oreille Des Kids”, a twelve minutes educational show intended to the 7-11 years old children. Experience physics live, slip into the skin of a researcher and become the actor of exciting experiments; such is the purpose of this broadcast which transposes to television the PhysiScope’s way.

Each episode is prepared by the PhysiScope’s team and contains a sequence with filmed children who give their interpretation of physics phenomena, their questions, opinions, ideas…

In a virtual studio the physicist makes, as in a laboratory, experiences related to the theme of the day. To complete its explanations, homemade 3D videos illustrate the demonstrations and specialists confronted daily to these phenomena are interviewed. Finally, the physicist asks to the kids to set up an experiment at home with everyday objects.

Today, in view of the popularity and success of these programmes, at least twenty programmes are planned and perhaps many more.

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