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International School of Oxide Electronics 2013
2-14 September 2013, Cargèse, Corsica (France)

After ISOE2011, the 2nd Edition of the International School of Oxide Electronics aims at bringing together PhD students, post-docs, young scientists and senior researchers working in Oxide Electronics for almost two weeks in the peaceful and scenic Cargèse Scientific Institute, to build up the future Oxide Electronics scientific community.

Basic notions of solid-state physics (superconductivity, ferroelectricity, magnetism, optics, correlations, etc) will be recalled, but the school will also give an extended overview of the field, covering topics such as multiferroics, oxide interfaces, domain walls or manganese and nickel perovskites. Oxide-based devices (tunnel junctions, field-effect devices, memristors) will also be presented in detail, as well as key advanced characterization and computational techniques. [more info]   

Internship Advancement of Women 2013

This year too, even though MaNEP is in the process of ending as a NCCR, 3rd and 4th year female students in Physics have the great opportunity to spend one month between July and September in one of its top research teams.

Applications must be submitted by July 5, 2013 to MaNEP's Group leaders.
[more info

Nominations & Awards

Florent Boudoire, PhD Student at Empa Laboratory for High Performance Ceramics and the University of Basel Department of Chemistry, was awarded at the annual Empa PhD Symposium on November 13, 2012, at Empa Dübendorf with the 1st Place Oral Presentation Award for his presentation entitled «From polymers to oxides: a novel bottom-up approach to grow hematite sub-micro and nanostructures».

Congratulations to
Dr. Artur Braun from Empa Laboratory for High Performance Ceramics who has been elected into the User Executive Committee for the Advanced Light Source in Berkeley, California for the term 2013-2015. [more info

Congratulations to Prof. Markus Buttiker who was elected as a new member to the European Academy of Sciences. [more info]

Congratulations to  Prof. Jean-Marc Triscone (UNIGE) who obtained an ERC Synergy - Q-MAC jointly with Antoine Georges (Collège de France, UNIGE), Andrea Cavalleri (MPI Hambourg and Oxford) and Dieter Jaksch (Oxford).

Staff changes


Welcome to
Dr. Debajeet Kumar Bora
, postdoc fellow at the Advanced Light Source in Berkeley, will join Empa Laboratory for High Performance Ceramics effective June 1st, 2013.


Raoul Scherwitzl left Prof. Triscone‘s group in January to join IBM in Zurich.


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