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The PhysiScope  / Motivating young generations for physics
The PhysiScope is a MaNEP- initiated outreach project. It was developed in collaboration with the Physics Section of the University of Geneva.

The PhysiScope is a public demo-lab where physics is presented in a very lively way through hands-on experiments and discussions that illustrate the laws of physics while allowing the visitor to understand some of the greatest issues of today's research : superconductivity, the CERN's large particles collider, renewable energies, nanotechnologies, the discovery of new planets, etc.

The PhysiScope has been undergoing a testing phase since October 2007, with some 40 classes of high-school students visiting. It has been officially inaugurated on 3 October 2008, in the presence of Charles Beer, head of the Geneva Public Education Department (DIP).

The PhysiScope is made possible thanks to various public and private donations.

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Head of the PhysiScope Project :
Prof. Christoph Renner
Prof. Christoph Renner, MaNEP deputy director

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