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Advancement of women / Summer Internships Program
It is no secret that women are rare in the world of physics and in hard science in general. Experience shows that one of the numerous and complex explaining factors is a certain lack of confidence of young women in their own abilities to envisage a career in research and/or academic research.

This is why, as a contribution to encouraging young women to pursue their career in physics, MaNEP offers to female students in their 3rd or 4th year of studies in physics the unique opportunity to spend one month in one of MaNEP's top level research groups, between July and September.

To provide an additional incentive, a financial support is provided for the duration of the internship.

54 summer internships have been organized by MaNEP since 2004 and have successfully encouraged several of the participants to envisage a more ambitious career in physics than they had originally done, as personal interviews have revealed.

Summer internships 2013 :
Subscriptions opened until July 5, 2013: [ click here ]

For further inquiries, please contact Dr. Lidia Favre-Quattropani.
of Women Program

Dr. Lidia Favre-Quattropani,
University of Geneva

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