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MaNEP Doctoral Program / Geneva

The MaNEP Doctoral Program offers young researchers in condensed-matter physics a high-level training in the various research areas of the Swiss network MaNEP.

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Advancement of women / Summer Internships Program

IFor several years now, MaNEP has been organising summer internships for young women who are in their 3rd or 4th year of studies in physics.

The participants have the unique opportunity to work within one of MaNEP's top-teams of researchers during one month, with financial support.

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The PhysiScope / Motivating young students for physics
The PhysiScope is a MaNEP initiated outreach project aimed at high-school and junior high-school students that was developed in collaboration with the Physics Section at UniGE.

The PhysiScope is a demonstration hall where physics are presented in a very original and hands on approach.

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The Winter School/ Training young people

The Winter School organized by MaNEP is for doctoral and post-doctoral associates. It allows them to acquire more knowledge on a given topic.

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