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SUPRA100 is a travelling art & science exhibition dedicated to superconductivity. It presents in an original way this phenomenon in physics essential for the future. Furthermore, this project plays an important role in bringing researchers and the public together.

For the centennial of the discovery of superconductivity in 2011, more than 9'500 people visited this exhibition on the premises of the University of Geneva. In 2013, with over 19'000 visitors at the Muséum of Neuchâtel, SUPRA100 affirms its appeal to the general public.

In addition to the exhibition, events around superconductivity, such as conferences, shows and guided tours can be proposed to the public.

Other exhibitors are interested and are examining possibilities to present this exhibition in their institution.

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When some materials are cooled sufficiently, an electrical current is able to pass through without any resistance: this is known as superconductivity. This is the new aspect explored by Etienne Krähenbühl. The Swiss artist, author of the work of art presented during the SUPRA100 exhibition, is well known for using innovative materials such as those known as having “shape memory”.  Etienne Krähenbühl likes playing around with the laws of nature to create a magical effect to his artistic creations. This is his trademark. For several years, he has been collaborating with scientists and technicians of the MaNEP National Centre of Competence in Physics, where he discovered this phenomenon - the loss of all electrical resistance and the emergence of a range of new and surprising properties. Mirroring the art section, superconductivity is exhibited and explained in a scientific way. This exhibition traces the story of this phenomenon from its  discovery in 1911 to its current use and potential future applications - which may very well revolutionise our daily lives. An interactive, fun and instructive visit.

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