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The MaNEP Facilities catalogue lists the main experimental setups from the different MaNEP teams.

The investigation possibilities are almost infinite : from local probe studies to large scale facilities in ultra-high vacuum, high magnetic fields, ultra-low temperature and high pressure.

The various available equipments are classified in three main section:
  • Bulk sensitive techniques (calorimetry, neutron scattering, transport, xrd, …).
  • Surface sensitive techniques (photoemission spectroscopy, scanning probes, …).
  • Theoretical, analytical and numerical support (quantum computing, 2D/3D numerical simulations, …)
Download sample files :
Scanning Probe Microscopy Scanning Probe Microscopy lien (PDF 48ko)
Scanning Electron Microscopy Scanning Electron Microscopy & Chemical Analysis (PDF 48ko)
Transport properties Transport properties from room to ultra-low temperatures (PDF 68ko)
X-ray X-Ray Diffraction Analysis (PDF 64ko)

MaNEP Industry Network
All MaNEP facilities are accessible to the MaNEP community (including the members of the MaNEP industry network) through collaborations.

Become member of the MaNEP Industry Network to receive a free copy of the catalogue

Alternatively contact Mr Matthias Kuhn directly

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