MaNEP Switzerland
Exploring electronic materials of the future

Projects leaders

Project leaders coordinate the efforts of several research teams on specific topics:

Project 1: Novel phenomena at interfaces and in superlattices
Project leader : Prof. Jean-Marc Triscone, University of Geneva

Project 2: Materials for future electronics
Project leader : Prof. Alberto Morpurgo, University of Geneva

Project 3: Electronic materials for energy systems and other applications
Project leader : Prof. Øystein Fischer, University of Geneva

Project 4: Electronic properties of oxide superconductors and related materials
Project leader : Prof. Dirk van der Marel, University of Geneva

Project 5: Novel electronic phases in strongly correlated electron systems
Project leader : Prof. Manfred Sigrist, ETHZ

Project 6: Magnetism and competing interactions in bulk materials
Project leaders : Prof. Frédéric Mila, EPFL and
Prof. Andrey Zheludev, PSI

Project 7: Electronic materials with reduced dimensionality
Project leader : Prof. László Forró, EPFL

Project 8: Cold atomic gases as novel quantum simulators for condensed matter
Project leader : Prof. Thierry Giamarchi, University of Geneva

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