MaNEP summer school
6-11 September 2004

The Physics of
Materials with Novel Electronic Properties

The purpose of this summer school is to provide basic theoretical knowledge of the physics of strongly correlated electron systems. Three main courses will give an overview of the physics of materials with weak to strong electronic correlations. Additional presentations will be focused on physical properties, development of applications and materials processing of these new materials. No previous knowledge in this field is required, but a knowledge of conventional solid state physics is essential. This school is destinated for PhD students and young post-docs. The courses will be given in English.

Organisation of the school
M. Decroux (Chair)
I. Bretton
R. Cartoni
H. Segura

Programme Committee
T.M. Rice (Chair)
Ø. Fischer
D. van der Marel
T. Giamarchi
L. Forró

Basic courses

Basic Electronic Structure
D. Khomskii, University of Cologne

From Fermi to non-Fermi Liquids
T. Giamarchi, University of Geneva

Conventional and Unconventional Superconductivity
M. Sigrist, ETH Zurich

Advanced courses

Properties of HTS Materials

D. van der Marel and Ø. Fischer, University of Geneva

Application of Superconductivity
J. Mannhart, University of Augsburg

Quantum Magnetism
F. Mila, EPFL

Nanoscale Ferroelectrics
J.-M. Triscone, University of Geneva

Processing : Thin Films
M. Lippmaa, University of Tokyo

Materials Processing : Single Crystals
A. Revcolevschi, University of Paris XI


Residential accommodation will be available in Saas Fee at the hotel Allalin or in their apartments–chalets close to the main hotel. The school fee is CHF 500.- which includes full board, Wednesday excursion to the Metro Alpin Restaurant (3500m) and the closing banquet.

Applications should be made through this web site. Closing date for application is April 30th 2004.

PDF file of the lectures

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