2004 Swiss Physical Society - MaNEP Meeting
Neuchâtel, March 3 and 4, 2004



Wednesday, March 3

Session 1:  Novel superconductors and applications
Chair : T.M.Rice (ETHZ)

8h30 Invited talk:   M. Sigrist  (ETHZ) "Superconductivity in materials without inversion center"
9h00 R. Gilardi (PSI) "Square vortex lattices as a generic feature of electron- and hole-doped high-Tc superconductors"
9h15 C. Berthod (Univ. Genève) "Vorticity and vortex-core states in type-II superconductors

N. Jenkins (Univ. Genève) "Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy of Al-doped MgB2"

9h45 C. Helm (ETHZ) "Decoherence in superconducting qubits due to phonons"

D. Matthey (Univ. Genève) "Field effect experiments in NdBa2Cu3O7-d       ultrathin films using a SrTiO3 single crystal gate insulator"

10h15 P. Lezza (Univ. Genève) "Characterization of superconducting and transport properties of ex-situ MgB2/Fe sheathed tapes"
10h30-11h00 Coffee Break

Session 2:  Low dimensional systems and quantum magnetism
Chair : F.Mila (EPFL)

11h00 Invited talk : T. Giamarchi (Univ. Genève) "Dimensional crossover and deconfinement in quasi-one dimensional systems"
11h30 H. M. Ronnow (PSI) "Quantum Fluctuations in a Simple Two Dimensional Antiferromagnet"
11h45 F. Vernay (Univ. Lausanne) "Orbital degeneracy as a source of frustration in LiNiO2 and NaNiO2"

M. Tesei  (Univ. Neuchâtel) "Frustration phenomena in Josephson junction arrays on a dice (T3) lattice"

12h15 P. Samuelsson (Univ. Genève) "Electrical current noise of a beam splitter as a test of spin-entanglement"
12h30 M. Oettli (ETHZ) "Neutron scattering investigation of the S = ½ quantum spin system NH4CuCl3"
12h45 M. O. Goerbig (Univ. Fribourg) "Second Generation of Composite Fermions"
13h00 Lunch

Thursday, March 4

Session 3:  Spectroscopies  (part I)
Chair : L.Forrò (EPFL)

9h15 Invited talk:  P. Aebi  (Univ. Neuchâtel) "Photoemission Spectroscopy for Geometrical and Electronic Structure Studies"
9h45 C. Sondergaard (EPFL) "Quasi-1D bands in the bad metal TaSe3"
10h00-10h30 Coffee Break

Session 3:  Spectroscopies (part II)
Chair : L.Forrò (EPFL)

10h30 A. Kuzmenko (Univ. Genève) "The superconductivity-induced 100 meV absorption peak and sum rules in the interplane optical response of La2-xSrxCuO4 and (Bi,Y)2Sr2CaCu2O8"
10h45 D. Rau (ETH) "Electron Magnetism in Quasicrystals"
11h00 C. Weber (EPFL) "Electronic band structure of a two-dimensional dilute "solid" Ce superlattice in Ag (111)"

Session 4: Thin oxide films, novel materials, and applications
Chair : J.M.Triscone (Univ. Genève)

11h15 Invited talk:  P. Paruch (Univ. Genève) "Nanoscopic studies of disorder-  controlled domain wall creep in epitaxial Pb(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3  thin films"
11h40 L. Despont (Univ. Neuchâtel) "Ferroelectric polarization of PbTiO3 ultra-thin films viewed by means of X-ray photoelectron diffraction"
11h52 M. Decroux (Univ. Genève) "New design of thin film based fault current limiter"
12h04 J. Gavilano (ETHZ) "Unusual d-electron dynamics in Na0.7CoO2"
12h16 M. Indergand (ETHZ) "Effective Interaction between the interpenetrating Kagomé lattice in NaXCoO2"
12h30-15h00 Lunch + poster session