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2013 Swiss Workshop Meeting
The Swiss Workshop on Materials with Novel Electronic Properties 2013, organized by MaNEP, was held in Les Diablerets from June 24 to 28, 2013. As MaNEP is in its final year as a National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR), this special edition was longer than usual and was honored by the venue of numerous international speakers and a special evening with significant personalities. [more info]

A quantum dot energy harvester: turning waste heat into electricity at the nanoscale
In a recent article published in Physical Review B, Björn Sothmann and Markus Büttiker of the University of Geneva, in collaboration with Andrew Jordan of the University of Rochester and Rafael Sánchez of the Materials Science Institute of Madrid, propose a new kind energy converter which is both highly efficient and powerful. [more info]

Graphene project selected by the European Commission
Out of the six research projects in competition, Graphene is one of the two selected by the FET program (future and emerging technologies) of the European Commission. A total sum of one billion euros has been allotted for a ten-year period for this project. Graphene’s mission is to take graphene and related layered materials from academic laboratories to society, revolutionize industries and create economic growth and new jobs in Europe. Five Swiss institutions are participating in this European adventure. [Press release in French] [more info]

Travelling exhibition SUPRA100

From January 20 to May 20, 2013, the Museum of Neuchâtel presented SUPRA100, the exhibition dedicated to superconductivity created by MaNEP, UNIGE and the artist Etienne Krähenbühl. Many events for the general public were organized in parallel to this Art & Science exhibition such as a Supersunday for families, a Superweek for school classes, workshops for children and a conference by reknown scientist Prof. René Flükiger. With over 19’000 visitors at Neuchâtel, SUPRA100 affirms its appeal to the general public. Other exhibitors are interested and are examining possibilities to present this exhibition in their institution.
[Press release] [more info]

Prof. Øystein Fischer distinguished by the Kamerlingh Onnes Prize
For his exceptional contributions in the field of superconductivity, Prof. Øystein Fischer received the Kamerlingh Onnes Prize 2012 during the conference 'Materials & Mecanisms of Superconductivity' held in Washington D. C. this summer. He has been distinguished « for leadership in magnetic superconductors and pioneering scanning tunnelling microscopy studies in cuprate high-Tc materials. »
[more info][RTS info]

Supersunday : fascinating Supra, February 3, 2013
Visits, animations and workshops for everyone – free entry

For the time of an afternoon, visitors of all ages were invited to get familiar with the world of superconductivity. Nothing is better than experimentation to approach the phenomenon which challenges intuition and keeps a part of mystery even for physicists. In company of researchers of the PhysiScope and animators of the Muséum, workshops and demonstrations proposed to the public to levitate on a scooter, to create an electric circuit and to make pastilles levitate.

Conference in french "Le rôle de la supraconductivité dans les énergies de demain", February 6, 2013

Professor René Flukiger, presented to the public the incredible potential of this phenomenon for future energies.

Superweek for classes Februrary 4 – 8, 2013
Demonstrations and animations realized by the PhysiScope

The PhysiScope invited the public and school classes to experience the principles of physics ruling our world.

Conference in French by Prof. Nicolas Gisin, February 26
Make an object disappear from one place and make it reappear elsewhere without it going in an intermediary place, is it possible? For the spring opening session the University of Geneva invited the public to a conference in French by Prof. Nicolas Gisin.
Tuesday, February 26, 2013, at 6:30 PM, Uni Dufour - free entrance [more info in French]



5th MaNEP Winter School, January 13 to 18, 2013 in Saas-Fee
The 2013 MaNEP winter school combines introductory courses with more specialized lectures in the field of correlated quantum matter. The audience targeted is at the doctoral and post-doctoral level. A background in general condensed-matter physics should be sufficient. All courses are given in English. [more info]































Wright Science Colloquia - Molecular architecture

For the Wright Colloquia 2012, from November 12 to 16, the University of Geneva received five of the most eminent specialists of the molecular architecture, of whom two winners of the Nobel Prize of Chemistry. On Wednesday, the young of 14 to 20 years old had the great opportunity to meet and discuss with these five scientists who participated at the Colloquia. The Wright Science Colloquia, held biennially in Geneva since 1984, were founded by Dr. H. Dudley Wright with the aim of presenting the latest scientific findings to the general public and especially inspiring young people towards a scientific career.
[more info]

Workshop on scattering and resonant x-ray techniques, November 15, PSI

This workshop gathered interested groups and persons connected with MaNEP to discuss x-ray scattering techniques and their possible applications to the understanding of the properties of materials with novel electronic properties. It began with tutorials on various x-ray methods and was aimed at young scientists, PhD students and postdocs. This was followed by an overview of the latest possibilities offered at the Swiss Light Source, and was concluded with a selection of related scientific contributions. [more info]

2012 Martin Peter Colloquium
The fourth Martin Peter Colloquium took place on Wednesday September 12, 2012, from 4:30 till 5:30 pm, at the Ecole de physique, Grand Auditoire, 24, quai Ernest-Ansermet in Geneva.
Professor Frank Steglich from the ICP Max-Planck Institute of Dresden (Germany) presented the most recent investigations in quantum phase transitions and heavy fermions. A cocktail took place in the hall, after the Colloquium.

Night of the Science - Find the mistake, July 7-8, 2012
Like two years ago, MaNEP, the Section of Physics and the Physiscope animated stands during this popular event. This year's thema was Find the mistake!
[more info]

Advancement of Women - Summer Internships
For several years now, MaNEP organizes summer internships for young female students of 3rd or 4th grade in Physics. It is a unique opportunity to work for a month in one of the top research teams affiliated to MaNEP while receiving financial support.

Thermoelectric symposium at E-MRS - spring 2012
The international E-MRS conference will take place from 14-18 May 2012 in Strasbourg. As a part of the conference  Prof. Anke Weidenkaff (EMPA), Prof. Antoine Maignan (CNRS), Prof. Heiner Linke (Lund University) and Prof. Ichiro Terasaki (Nagoya University) will organize a thermoelectric symposium. [more info Empa and Emrs]

SPS-MaNEP Meeting - ETH-Zürich, June 21-22, 2012
This year MaNEP will be present at the Swiss Physical Society meeting at ETH-Zürich, as it is every second year, with a special session and its own invited speakers. The deadlines are June 1st, for the registration of MaNEP participants, and March 15th, for the abstract submission, on the website.

Trade show EPHJ-EPMT-SMT, Palexpo, Geneva
MaNEP exhibited at the trade show EPHJ-EPMT-SMT (stand location H89 and H87) at Palexpo, Geneva June 5-8, 2012 to promote its know-how and its activities among professionals from the sectors of microtechnologies, watchmaking-jewellery and medical technology. Friday, June 8, from 9:30 AM till 11:30 AM, Øystein Fischer, Director of MaNEP participated at the breakfast conference dedicated to „Transfert de technologie “.
[info about the trade show]

Discussion about nanotechnologies with specialists
In the context of the touring exhibition about nano- technologies organised by the Fédération Romande des Consommateurs (FRC) in collaboration with UNIL, Prof. Christoph Renner (UNIGE) participated in the café scientifique of April prepared by the association "Bancs publics". This discussion on nanotechnologies took place at the Musée d'histoire des Sciences of Geneva on April 30 from 18h30 to 20h00 and was followed by a reception.

Conferences "Our energy future in 30 years - Towards which future do we go?"
The Faculty of Science organized, in association with the Sciences of Geneva’s National institute section, a cycle of 3 conferences on the theme Towards a long-lasting access to energy? The point of vue of scientists. The third and last conference, entitled " Our energy future in 30 years – Towards which future do we go? " took place on Monday, 12 March at 6:30 pm,  Auditorium  A300, Sciences II, 30 quai Ernest-Ansermet. The first presentation was given by Prof. Joël Mesot, Director of the Paul Scherrer Institute ( PSI ), Villigen, and entitled The PSI: an expertise for the benefit of the energies of future. Prof. Øystein Fischer, Director of the NCCR MaNEP (UNIGE), then spoke about Superconductivity and energy challenges: a future within reach




Daniel Dautreppe Workshop
"Current challenges of superconductivity"

The French Society of Physics (Section of the Alps) organized a workshop on superconductivity from Monday 21 to Friday 25 November 2011, in Grenoble.  This workshop compiled a vast panorama of the advances in basic and applied research in this area based on a series of courses as well as presentations at the forefront of current research by recognised experts. MaNEP was a partner. [more info]

Get togethers around superconductivity
The cultural activities of the University of Geneva together with MaNEP offered five meetings around the theme of Superconductivity every Thursday from 6 October to 3 November between 12h15 and 13h00. [the programme]

IBM: 100 years
Conference “Pioneers of the Computer Age” - 5 October 2011
To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of IBM, the University of Geneva organised a conference on Wednesday 5 October at 10.15, in the A Auditorium, Ecole de Physique, 24 quai Ernest Ansermet, given by Marc Dupaquier, Vice-president, Marketing and Communications, IBM Systems and Technology Group.  Following an overview of the history of IBM and the various developments that drove the computer company to make an  impact on the XXth century, the speaker underlined the importance of basic research and progress in technology for the for future of IT. [further info]

Show Levitarium Museum, September 14-17, 2011
As part of the Bâtie-Festival of Geneva, the theatre company, EXOS acted out superconductivity in a show full of surprises. EXOS has been collaborating with MaNEP since 2007 to create surprising visual and magical superconductivity effects. EXOS, a company at the cross roads between the paths of the theatre, movement, dance and the circus, has joined forces with physicists to offer a show which demonstrates magic and levitation, mixing superconductivity and visual effects.

Fascinating Superconductivity, September 17, 2011

Enigmas, demonstrations, mini-conferences, all sorts of experiments, laboratory visits and a «Super 100» exhibition included in the afternoon’s programme including a fun introduction to superconductivity.  Researchers, the artist Etienne Krähenbühl and animators all joined forces during the University of Geneva’s Saturday Event developed in collaboration with the PhysiScope. 1200 peoples attended.

Conference on Superconductivity and the Energies of Tomorrow, September 20, 2011
Koichi Kitazawa, president of the Japanese Agency of Science and Technology, gave the opening lecture for the autumn semester at the University of Geneva.  As an international expert, Professor Kitazawa discussed the major role that superconducting materials at high temperature can play with the energies of the future.

Troisième cycle Seminar in Villars
Synthesis and Function of Thermoelectric Materials

From 14 to 18 August 2011, Anke Weidenkaff (Empa) and Jürg Hulliger (Unibe) organised a Seminar on the “Synthesis and Function of Thermoelectric Materials”, a field gaining importance in science and technology. All participants had the opportunity to present their work by a poster or a short lecture [more info]

2011 Swiss Workshop Meeting
From June 29 to July 1st, novel materials were honored during the traditional Swiss workshop meeting organized by MaNEP in Les Diablerets (Switzerland). These workshops, which focus on basic research and applications, were preceded this year by a special "tutorials" day for students. [more info]


Advancement of Women - Summer Internships
Are you a female 3rd or 4th grade student in Physics ?
Take the unique opportunity to work for a month in one of the top research teams affiliated to MaNEP. Applications must be submitted by June 30th 2011. [more info]

Vegetables The PhysiScope was open to the general public from 8 to 20 April
To celebrate the centenary of the discovery of superconductivity, MaNEP and the University of Geneva joined forces to offer a number of festive events for the general public. To commemorate the day Superconductivity was officially discovered, 8th April 2011, the PhysiScope opened its doors and welcomed the general public to join in a fun workshop, to discover this amazing physics phenomenon filled with magic. More than 500 people participated and additional shows were organized to meet public demand.
[more info]



Wright Colloquium - Quantum Revolution
Click on the below link to see the the five speakers presentations, notable international specialists of Quantum physics, including two Nobel physics laureates. [video on demand]
See also the questions raised by the public and answers from our scientists. [more info in French]


2010 Nobel Prize in Physics - Discovery of Graphene
The 2010 Nobel prize in physics has been awarded to Profs. Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov of the University of Manchester (UK) for their discovery of graphene. Graphene is a new material, consisting of a regular lattice of Carbon atoms, only one atom thick. With less than 6 years passed from the discovery, the unique properties of graphene are at the focus of worldwide research in disciplines as diverse as biology, chemistry and engineering, with great potential for future applications. [more info]

Vegetables Public Lecture
As part of the cycle of scientific conferences about nanotechnologies organized by (culture&rencontre), in collaboration with the University of Geneva, Prof.Christoph Renner will give a presentation entitled «Atomes à portée de main - synthèse et maîtrise de la matière à l'échelle atomique».
Wednesday January 12, 2011
Collège de Saussure, Aula, 9 Vieux-chemin d’Onex, 1213 Petit-Lancy.
[more info]


SPS Prize for Condensed Matter Physics
During the Swiss Physical Society meeting (SPS), in Basel in June this year, Erik van Heumen was presented with an SPS Award for Condensed Matter Physics, sponsored by IBM for his researches on superconductivity. Erik van Heumen gained his PhD thesis in the department of Condensed Matter Physics at the University of Geneva.


SPS Honorary Members
More good news for MaNEP, of the five new persons nominated as honorary members of the Swiss Physical Society four are from MaNEP, Professors Hans Beck, Øystein Fischer, T. Maurice Rice and Louis Schlapbach.


SaasFee Physics had no limits during the Night of the Science
10 and 11 July, 2010

The Night of Science took place in Geneva from Saturday 10 to Sunday 11 July. The event, organised by the entire School of Physics, was a great success with the public who came out in force. MaNEP, the Section of Physics and the PhysiScope joined forces to develop this event and enhance physics in Geneva.

The media reported our activities :

Women in Physics - Summer internships 2010

For the seventh year, MaNEP offers to 3rd and 4th year female students in Physics the possibility to spend one month in one of our top research team.

[ more info ]
SaasFee LEES in Les Diablerets
July 5-10, 2010

The LEES 2010 conference organized by the University of Geneva was held from July 5 to 10 2010 in Les Diablerets. This is the 9th conference in this biannual series of international conferences on low-energy electrodynamics in solids. The chairman of the 2010 edition was Dirk van der Marel, MaNEP deputy director.

SaasFee Swiss Physical Society Meeting
University of Basel, June 21-22, 2010

This year MaNEP has been present, as it is every second year, with a special session and its own invited speakers.

SaasFee MaNEP at ITU Telecom World 2009

The conference « A Quantum Leap for Telecommunications – Today and Tomorrow » organized by the three National Centres of Competence in Research MICS, QP and MaNEP was a success. About a hundred people took part in the event, half of whom came from local and international business companies.

The six conferences were followed by a networking cocktail kicked off with an artistic performance featuring superconducting levitation.

Program and presentations

Mythes et réalités de la politique fédérale en recherche
Prof. Jacques Neirynck, Swiss National Councilor
Modern cryptography
Prof. Stefan Wolf, ETHZ
Quantum cryptography today: the SwissQuantum Testbed
Dr. Grégoire Ribordy, CEO, id Quantique
Quantum cryptography and Standardization: Why?
Gaby Lenhart, Senior Research Officer at the Strategy & New Initiatives Department, (ETSI)
Quantum computing and cryptography, a telco’s perspective
Erwan Bigan, Head of Corporate R&D, Swisscom
The future of quantum communications
Prof. Nicolas Gisin, University of Geneva

Press releases
The Swiss Quantum network allowing secure communications via quantum cryptography and born from a collaboration including the University of Geneva raised the attention of several media :
Tribune de Genève (8.09.2009)
Asianet news (9.10.2009)
Bolsamania (9.10.2009)
Génération nouvelles technologies (9.10.2009)
Globe (9.10.2009)
ICT Journal (9.10.2009)
NA Pressportal (9.10.2009)
Reuters (9.10.2009)
Wireless Business & Technology (9.10.2009) (9.09.2009)
Security dark reading (11.09.2009)
Swiss Micro Tech (12.09.2009)

Artistic performance
The audience was marvelled by the Exos show.
NCCR MaNEP is closely collaborating with these artists to create a performance which will be shortly presented to the general public. A sample of this performance was offered at this event.

University of Geneva 450th anniversary
Open House at the Physiscope

During the open House organized to celebrate the 450th anniversary of the University of Geneva, the future students of the canton are invited to come and discover activities of the different faculties and centers of research.

MaNEP and the Physics section will open its doors and demonstrate various experiments in the Physiscope. A guided tour of labs is also planned.

Date/Schedule : from November 26 to December 8, 2009
Place: Ecole de physique, quai Ernest-Ansermet 24, Geneva
Cité des métiers et des formations
Exploring Physics at the University of Geneva's stand

MaNEP and the University of Geneva’s Physics section will be present at the Cité des métiers from 24 to 29 November, at Palexpo.

This event offers a large panorama of training in the Geneva region. Our researchers and scientists will offer fun experiments and demonstrations linked to modern physics, for example levitating objects and particles detectors.

Date: from November 24 to 29, 2009
Place: Palexpo, Geneva

SPS OC Oerlikon prize
Stefano Gariglio, Nicolas Reyren and Andrea Caviglia awarded

Stefano Gariglio, Nicolas Reyren and Andrea Caviglia have recently received the Swiss Physical Society (SPS) OC Oerlikon award (one of the SPS prize) for the exceptional quality of their work on the superconducting interfaces.

[ more info ]
Conference « A Quantum Leap for Telecommunications Today and Tomorrow»
Telecom World 2009

In 2003 « Technology Review », MIT's magazine of innovation, names 10 « Emerging Technologies That Will Change the World », among which was listed Quantum Cryptography. What is the status of security in the Telecom world ?

To embrace this question , three highly regarded National Centers of Competence in Research are teaming up to organize an exceptional Event at the Telecom World 2009 exhibition.

A Quantum Leap for Telecommunications Today and Tomorrow

This conference will present the state of the art in the field of quantum cryptography for Telecommunications. It will also share the vision of the top researchers in this field, including the new SwissQuantum initiative.

The Event will conclude with a VIP cocktail including an artistic performance featuring superconducting Levitation.

Invitation required Information and registration:

Date/Schedule: October 8, from 16h to 19h
Place: Room Mont-Blanc, Palexpo, Geneva

Conference « Life and Space Sciences »
By Donald Pettit, astronaut

Donald Pettit, a NASA astronaut who, among other things, stayed during several months on the international space station will deliver a conference entitled « Life and Space Sciences. Living far from our Planet : Scientific, Physiological and Psychological Stakes ».

Conference will be followed by an aperitif.

Organization: Physiscope in collaboration with MaNEP and the Physics section.

Date/Schedule : September 29, 2009 at 17h
Place : Ecole de physique, grand auditoire, quai Ernest-Ansermet 24, Geneva

Advancement of Women / Summer Internships 2009
July-September 2009
MaNEP Network

[ archives ]

2009 MaNEP Swiss Workshop Meeting
26-28 August 2009
Les Diablerets, Switzerland

MaNEP's Workshop on Basic research and applications.
[ archives ]

Prof. ZX Shen, MP Colloquium
MaNEP Topical Meeting & Colloque Martin Peter
June 19, 2009

The 3rd Martin Peter Colloquium will take place on Friday, June 19th 2009 at 16h. Our guest, Prof. Z.X. Shen (picture), from Standford University, will speak about the extraordinary advances on photo emission experiments.

As usual, the day will start at 10h30 with a MaNEP Topical Meeting. This year’s focus is on “Spectroscopic properties and quantum materials”. We plan to select 8 to 9 young speakers to present recent results.

Date/Schedule : June 19th, 2009 from 10h30 to 18h
Place : Physics Institute, Geneva, 24 quai Ernest-Ansermet

1st MaNEP StartUps Seminar

Western Switzerland is one of the most creative regions on earth, yet 90% of startups never actually… get started ! Find out why and how to change things with the initiators of Street2Start, during the first of a series of startups seminars brought to you by MaNEP’s Tech Transfer manager Matthias Kuhn. You can also pitch your own business idea (contact Session followed by an apéritif offered by MaNEP.

Date : Thursday, April 9th, 2009
Place/Schedule : Ecole de physique, Geneva, Auditoire Stueckelberg - from 12h15 to 13h15.

New ozone sensors raise media attention

In the last issue of MaNEP’s e-Newsletter, we had a Free Column by Dr Jorge Cors (UniGE) describing the PURVEGE project, a new process using ozone to decontaminate fruits and vegetables and thus prolong their shelf life. The ozone sensors are based on oxide nanomaterials and were conceived using MaNEP’s knowledge in this field. The e-News feature raised the attention of the ATS (Agence télégraphique suisse) and several other media : [ MaNEP e-News ] [ Tribune de Genève ] [ Léman Bleu – TV ].

Contact for more info on the PURVEGE project : Dr Jorge Cors.

Public Outreach
Conference on nanotechnology

Prof. Christoph Renner, deputy-director of MaNEP, will deliver a conference, entitled « Les nanotechnologies sont parmi nous ». Its content is intended for a non-specialist audience.
Date/Schedule : 18 March, 2009 at 20h
Place : Institut national genevois (, Promenade du Pin 1, 1204 Genève.
A few months ago, Professor Renner also participated in a series of short TV features about science, also on nanotechnology : [ view it online : Broadcasted : October 31st, 2008]

500 Billion Nanohearts for Valentine’s Day
The new atomic dice. Click here to enlarge.
UniNE in the heart of matter
500 Billion Nanohearts for Valentine’s Day

The fabrication of artificial nanostructures atom by atom has become possible thanks to the scanning tunneling microscope (STM), which does not only allow to observe surfaces with atomic resolution, but also to manipulate structures at the atomic scale. However, with this approach, it would take more than 14 billion year - the age of the universe - to create a cubic millimeter of nanomatter.

An alternative method for the fabrication of nanostructures is selfassembly: after throwing a bunch of dice into a bucket and shaking the bucket for a while, the dice show a tendency to orient themselves face on face. A similar phenomenon exists at the atomic scale, which allows the fabrication of artificial matter.

A few days ago, physicists from the University of Neuchâtel, supported by the SNSF and MaNEP, revealed a new atomic dice consisting of 5 silicon atoms which exhibits the shape of a heart (see image) and used it to create large, perfectly ordered arrays containing more than 500 billion ‘nanohearts’ per square millimeter.The results of this study performed under the direction of Prof. Philipp Aebi were published recently in Physical Review Letters.Future studies target the understanding of the electronic properties of these nano-hearts.

Metal semiconductor hybrid structures
Metal semiconductor hybrid structures. Click here to enlarge.
Technology Transfer
Next generation piezoresistive sensors presented at TechConnect

On February 15, Prof. Christoph Renner’s (MaNEP-Geneva) IP Submission entitled “Piezo-pinch - next generation piezoresistive sensors” was accepted for presentation at the TechConnect ( meeting in May. The venue will take place at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas.
This is an encouraging result for his technology, which should provide excellent opportunities for promotion. MaNEP is mainly looking for an industrial partner to develop this technology into marketable products. The main fields of interest are atomic force microscopy, biomedical assays and micro- and nano- balances.
Piezo-pinch comprises three inventing contributors: CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique and UniGE/ MaNEP.

Superconductivity Interactive Exhibition on Superconductivity
MaNEP demos at CERN in January

« Superconductivity… Science or Magic ? »
The mysteries of superconductivity are starring at the CERN's Globe in a special interactive exhibition. Once again, MaNEP-Geneva is contributing by lending demos - including the SuperScooter, a human-scale levitating device -, as well as a 15-minute movie and humorous exhibition designed by Swiss cartoonist Mix&Remix.

The event started on October 28th and closed a few days ago, but has reopened for three weeks in January. Don't miss it, the whole family will enjoy the experience !

Dates & Schedule : January 13th to 31st 2009 - Tuesday and Wednesday from 14h to 17h 30, Saturday from 9h to 17h.

SaasFee MaNEP first Winter School
January 2009

For the first time, the traditional MaNEP Summerchool became a... Winterschool. It took place from January 11 to 16, 2009 and gathered some 70 participants, some of them enjoying some skiing on their free time. The event received excellent feedbacks, especially on the high-quality of the talks. As to know whether we’ll be back to summer time in 2011, this has still to be decided… To be followed !
More infos : [ click here ]
Contact : Dr Michel Decroux


Andrea Caviglia Birth of a superconductor transistor. Important breakthrough published in Nature
December 4, 2008

Prof. Jean-Marc Triscone and his team at MaNEP-UniGE have made a key-breakthrough in the field of complex oxide interfaces, with the creation of the first superconducting transistor, created in collaboration with teams from Zurich, Paris and Augsburg. This discovery has been published in Nature magazine.

Our warmest congratulations go to Prof. Triscone's team members at DPMC/MaNEP in Geneva : Andrea Caviglia, Stefano Gariglio, Nicolas Reyren, and Didier Jaccard !

Related links : "Electric field control of the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface ground state” in Nature 456, 624 - 627 (04 Dec 2008), doi: 10.1038/nature07576, Letter [ Full text online ] [ MaNEP/UniGE Press Release (in French) ] [ Triscone's Group page ]

Prof. Triscone's team
The awarded team, left to right : Nicolas Stücki, Céline Lichtensteiger, Jean-Marc Triscone and Stefano Gariglio (missing on picture : Matthew Dawber)
Improper ferroelectricity. MaNEP team awarded by French magazine La Recherche
December 4, 2008

Last April, an important discovery made by Prof. Triscone's team (picture) at DPMC/MaNEP in Geneva - in collaboration with a team from the University of Lièges in Belgium - on « Improper ferrolectricity in perovskite oxide artificial superlattices » was published in Nature magazine. Last week, the researchers have been awarded for their groundbreaking work by prestigious science magazine La Recherche, in the category of « Communications and Information Technology Science ». Congratulations to all !

Related links : [ Publication / PDF online ] [ PDF/Interview of Dr Céline Lichtensteiger for « Le Journal de l’UniGE » - Thursday, December 4th, 2008 ]

Important MaNEP publication in Nature Tage Erlander Guest Professorship. Professor Oystein Fischer nominated
November 7, 2008

MaNEP's director, Professor Oystein Fischer, has been chosen by the Swedish Research Council to receive the 2009 Tage Erlander Guest Professorship which was created in 1981 by the Swedish Parliament to honour the prime minister Tage Erlander on his 80th birthday.
The Professorship gives internationally renowned researchers the opportunity to work during one year with a Swedish University or any other higher education institute. Prof. Fischer will thus collaborate with the Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, where an official ceremony will be held on Friday, November 7.
Professor Fischer wishes to take this opportunity to develop strong collaborations between research groups in Chalmers and the UniGE. He will do so while pursuing his task at MaNEP as well as the mission the UniGE's Rector entrusted him with to work on ambitious future developments of physics in Geneva.

More infos :Swedish Research Council's website ] [ Professor Fischer's Research Group's website ]

Science clip with Prof. Christoph Renner on TSR 1
For the 2nd time, a MaNEP member has been selected to participate in "Histoire des Savoirs", a series of daily short science clips produced by the Swiss TV. Professor Christoph Renner, who is also MaNEP's deputy director in Geneva, was chosen to address some of the issues of nanotechnology.

Broadcast : Wednesday, October 29th 2008, at 18h on TSR1.
[ OR see it online : Histoire des Savoirs, on ]

Prof. René Flukiger Supraconductivité : fascination et applications réelles
A conference by Prof. René Flükiger (MaNEP-Geneva)
7 October, 2008
Institution national genevois, Promenade du Pin 1, Genève
Free entrance

Head of Geneva Education Dpt (DIP) Charles Beer enjoying a trip on the SupraSurf at the PhysiScope
The PhysiScope officially launched

A MaNEP-initiated outreach project to promote physics, the PhysiScope was officially inaugurated this month at the University of Geneva. About 200 people, including several Geneva officials and staff members, attended the events on October 3rd and 16th.

[ ] [ a MaNEP initiative ]

Important MaNEP publication in Nature

MaNEP Site Review 2008
May 20 and 21, 2008

The last annual SNF audit of our NCCR by international experts ended with most encouraging results concerning a 3rd phase for MaNEP, to start on July 1st, 2009.

Picture: MaNEP management with the 2008 Review Panel.
From left to right, Oystein Fischer, Stefan Bachmann, Paul Leiderer, Christoph Renner, Darrell Schlom , Dirk van der Marel, David Larbalestier, Bernard Raveau, Prof. Tord Claeson, Dieter Vollhardt, Guy Deutscher, Felix Greuter (copyright MaNEP, 2008).

Important MaNEP publication in Nature
Picture, left to right : TSR journalist Roland Goerg, Prof. Jean-Marc Triscone, TSR cameraman Claude Pellot, co-author Nicolas Stucki.
Discovery on improper ferroelectricity raises media attention
April 17, 2008

An important discovery on improper ferroelectricity by Professor Jean-Marc Triscone's group at UniGE (with the collaboration of a team at the University of Liège in Belgium) has just been published in Nature, in the April 10's edition. The work was the subject of a successful press conference held on Thursday, April 17, 2008.

Link to the publication in  Nature : [ click here ]
Link to the TSR reporting : [ click here ]
Complementary explanation by TSR journalist : [ click here ]
Link to the RSR audio reporting : [ click here ]
Article in "Le Temps" : [ click here ]

Thousands of visitors for MaNEP at CERN's Open Days
April 5-6, 2008

In the perspective of the LHC's launch this year, CERN organized Open Days on April 5 (for CERN collaborators and relatives only) and 6 (all public), 2008 that was the last opportunity to see this unique and impressive set up.
MaNEP had been asked to be a partner of this event to illustrate the theme of superconductivity. Demonstration devices (including a new version of the SupraSurf), as well as the MaNEP new movie on superconductivity and the Mix&Remix exhibition were shown and were acclaimed by the thousands of visitors that participated.
More details [ here ].

Annual meeting of the SPS
March 26-26, 2008
UniMail, University of Geneva
Along with the standard sessions, 3 parallel sessions for the NCCR MaNEP, Nanoscale Science and Quantum Photonics were proposed.

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Beaulac Hotel, Neuchâtel

MaNEP Internal Workshops 2008
January 14-18, 2008
Hôtel Beaulac, Neuchâtel
MaNEP's internal workshops took place from January 14 to 18 to discuss the progress on the 6 projects and produce the basis for the 7th MaNEP Progress Report.

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C'est pas sorcier - filming at MaNEP The TV team filming at STM lab in Geneva - click image to enlarge it

Science TV show features MaNEP footage
December 1st, on France 3
In 2006, MaNEP Geneva hosted a TV team from the popular French science show called C'est pas Sorcier. They filmed at one of the STM labs before moving on to the CERN.

For 12 years this weekly show has been introducing scientific topics in a fun, family-friendly way. The programme is entitled "Voyage au coeur de la matière" (A journey into the heart of matter) and was aired on Saturday, December 1st, on French TV channel France 3.

From left to right : Prof. Dirk van der Marel, Prof. Albert Fert and MaNEP director Prof. Oystein Fischer - click image to enlarge ]

2007 Nobel Prize winner Albert Fert visits MaNEP
November 16, at MaNEP Geneva
The 2007 Physics Nobel Prize co-winner Albert Fert came to Geneva on November 16 for a DPMC-MaNEP colloquium.

Albert Fert gave a talk entitled "Présent et futur de la spintronique" (Present and Future of spintronics) and carried on with discussions with some Geneva colleagues who presentend him with the activities of MaNEP. Albert Fert endend this busy day with interviews.

Listen to the first RSR interview (show Impatience) : [ click here ]
Listen to the 2nd RSR interview (show Haute Définition) : [ click here ]
See the interview on : [ click here ]

2007 MaNEP Swiss Workshop Meeting
September 28-30, 2007 at Les Diablerets, Switzerland
MaNEP's Workshop on Basic research and applications.

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Book - cover [ Find out more and buy the book on ]

Ferroelectrics : new book published

Former MaNEP deputy-director Jean-Marc Triscone is one of the three editors of a recently published book called : "Physics of Ferroelectrics : A Modern Perspective". It addresses the paradigmatic shifts in understanding ferroelectric materials brought about by revolutionary breakthroughs that occurred in the last two decades. Céline Lichtensteiger and Matt Dawber who are working in his research group, and Patrycja Paruch (former PhD student of Prof. Triscone and newly appointed professor at UniGE) have also contributed.

Publisher : Springer, Topics in Applied Physics (Vol. 105), 390 pages

[ click image to enlarge and view flyer drawn by Swiss cartoonist Mix & Remix ]

1500 visitors enjoyed the SupraFête in Geneva
June 8-10, at MaNEP Geneva

Over 100 collaborators from MaNEP and the physics department at UniGE took part in the organization of the SupraFête, on June 8 to 10.

The event proved a beautiful success with some 1500 visitors and large media coverage.

The SupraFête was a celebration of the '87 Nobel Prize which rewarded the discovery of high tc superconductors in 1986 by Alex Müller and Georg Bednorz at IBM Zurich.
Dr Bednorz was our special guest for the launch conference which was followed by 2 days of entertaining activities about superconductivity.

The SupraKids which hosted science activities (challenges, drawing competition, nitrogen ice creams, levitation devices, etc.) for children was a big hit.

The short introduction MaNEP movie on superconductors was praised and will now be used for educational purposes at PSI, CERN, CNRS and schools.

The new large levitating demo called the SupraSurf will also travel a bit before setting up in the future Geneva Physiks Park for students.

Lab visits and special exhibitions completed the menu of this exceptional event.

Prof. Phil W. Anderson
Prof. Philip Warren Anderson

MaNEP welcomes Nobel Prize Phil Anderson
September 27, at MaNEP Geneva

IThe 2nd Martin Peter Colloquium's guest this year was superconductivity renowned specialist Philippe W. Anderson from Princeton University, who won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1977. His talk was entitled : "RVB after all : the theory of High Tc".

Before the Colloquium, MaNEP also set up a Topical Meeting on "Novel Superconductors", with a series of talks.
Complete programme : [ click here ].

Saas Fee Summer School 06

2nd MaNEP Summer School
September 11-16, in Saas Fee
The first MaNEP Summer School in 2004 in Saas Fee was a success. Thus it has recently been decided to renew the experience in 2006. MaNEP's Education manager Michel Decroux was in charge of the project.
[see the 2006 website]
see the 2004 website]

Advancement of Women : 3rd summer internships
June - September, in MaNEP research groups

To promote young women in physics, we offer them for the 3rd time an opportunity to study for a month in a MaENP research group. Information and submission : [ click here ]

Dr Céline Lichtensteiger

Prestigious prize for Dr Céline Lichtensteiger
June 23, at Vacheront Constantin's
A former PhD student in Prof. Jean-Marc Triscone's group (UniGE), Dr Céline Lichtensteiger has been awarded the Vacheron Constantin Prize for physics for her excellent thesis on ferroelectrics.The ceremony took place on June 23, during which she received a (also very prestigious) watch.

[ also read the news in MaNEP's summer e-Newsletter ]

Nanotechnology short movie features MaNEP member
April 5, on TSR and

Dr Céline Lichtensteiger, from the Geneva Group on ferroelectrics appeared in a 3 minute sequence called "Qu'est-ce que la nanotechnologie ?" (What is nanotechnology ?) belonging to a series produced by Swiss TV channel TSR and aired on April 5. You can still view it online on by clicking here.

Prof. Jean-Marc Triscone
Prof. Jean-Marc Triscone

MaNEP's deputy director honoured by the APS
March 14, Baltimore (USA)

Prof. Jean-Marc Triscone, MaNEP’s (now former) Deputy Director and renowned ferrolectrics specialist, has been appointed « Fellow of the American Physical Society ».This honour is reserved to less than 1% of the members of the APS.
The official ceremony took place in Baltimore, on March 14.
More details here : [ click here]
More about the APS Fellowship programme : [ click here ]

Dr Patrycja Paruch

Dr Christian Rüegg

Two young researchers awarded at SPS Meeting
February 13, Lausanne

At the 2006 SPS meeting, Patrycja Paruch and Christian Rüegg both received a prize for works achieved while they studied within MaNEP.

Dr Patrycja Paruch (University of Geneva - DPMC) received the IBM Prize for condensed matter physics. After a post doc at the University of Cornwell (USA) she has now been appointed professor at the DPMC in Geneva.

- Dr Christian Rüegg (PSI) received the ABB Prize for general physics. He has now taken up a post doc position at the London University College.

[SPS press release (in German) : click here]
[MaNEP press release (in French) : click here]


Hôtel Beaulac, Neuchâtel

MaNEP Topical Meeting
Neuchâtel, February 10-11
More information about this meeting here.

MaNEP at the Student Fair/Book Fair
Geneva Palexpo, April 27th to May 1st
See the feedback and photo galleries.

2005 Review Panel
University of Geneva, May 30-31
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MaNEP General Meeting SWM05
Les Diablerets, September 26-28
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MaNEP at La Praille
Geneva, La Praille Commercial Center, October 3 to 22
MaNEP participated in a UniGE event called "Knowledge at the Center" at the commercial center "La Praille". MaNEP was present with 3 levitation demos to illustrate superconductivity, during 3 days (Wednesday 5, 12 and 19).


MaNEP sponsors Einstein Exhibition
University of Geneva, Sciences III, October 27 to November 28
The Sciences III building hosted a photo exhibition on key-moments and issues of Albert Einstein's life : the 'miraculous year' 1905, his first Honoris Causa doctorate from the UniGE in 1909, the World War II period, his family, his vision of faith, etc. This event was organized by Isaac Benguigui and supported by MaNEP.


Day of Research

Day of Research, University of Geneva
November 18
MaNEP together with Frontiers in Genetics, the two NCCRs hosted at the University of Geneva, had the opprotunity to have a common booth to present their activities and their field of research to the stundent interested.
More information available (in french).
Programme (in french)

21Tesla at University of Geneva

21 Tesla Celebration - University of Geneva
Ecole de Physique, University of Geneva - October 21
More information available (in french).
Programme (in french)

50th anniversary of CERN

50th anniversary of CERN
Ecole de Physique, University of Geneva, October 23
Follow the link for more information.
Invitation and program here.

Lugano 2004

Workshop on Computational Methods for Strongly Correlated Systems and Nanomagnetics
September 26 - October 1, in Lugano
Follow [ the link ] for more information.


MaNEP had an exhibition stand at Nanofair04
September 14-16, in St-Gallen
Follow the link to download info and/or pictures.

Saas Fee MaNEP Summer School Saas Fee
September 6-11
The first MaNEP summer schcool was a great success
Follow the link for some information.

La Nuit de la Science

La Nuit de la Science, Geneva
July 3-4
Theme : "Mesurer, compter".
MaNEP was present and had an exhibition stand. The event was a great success thanks to the 22 collaborators who actively participate to the life of the stand. About 8000 visitors had the opportunity to learn more about scanning probe microscopy and had the possibility to see a demonstration of magnetic levitation using high temperature superconductors.
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Review Panel

MaNEP Review Panel
Geneva Home Institution - June 22-23


Neuchâtel - March 3-4
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MaNEP General Meeting - SWM03
Les Diablerets, September 29 - October 1
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MaNEP had an exhibition stand at Nanofair03
St-Gallen, Switzerland, September 09-11
Download some info here.


MaNEP inauguration
Open Doors, University of Geneva - September 2002
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